Easyjet guaranteed hand luggage policy stops

Easyjet guaranteed hand luggage policy stops

Example of a 50x40x20cm bag

As the Easyjet guaranteed hand luggage policy stops, more passengers might be forced to place their hand luggage in the hold.

The guaranteed hand luggage policy Easyjet had in place allowed passengers to bring a piece of hand luggage no larger than 50x40x20cm that would be guaranteed to stay onboard with them, although according to this article from the Telegraph, it wasn’t always the case. This allowance policy was very confusing and this is probably the reason why Easyjet are stopping it.

Carry-on luggage measuring 56x45x25cm or less were still allowed onboard under the standard Easyjet hand luggage policy but were subject to be put in the hold on busy flights.

Easyjet guaranteed hand luggage policy stops! So now what?

The Easyjet hand luggage allowance policy is now as such:

All passengers are allowed ONE piece of hand luggage measuring 56x45x25cm (including handles and wheels) and with no weight limit (as long as the passenger can place the piece of luggage in the overhead lockers without assistance).

EasyJet Plus (£170/year membership), FLEXI fare, Upfront and Extra Legroom customers (extra option/cost when booking) are allowed one cabin bag as above plus ONE additional small bag. A handbag or laptop for instance. This bag should be no bigger than 45x36x20cm and will be place under the seat in front.

Because the Easyjet guaranteed hand luggage policy stops, customers might be asked by the cabin crew to put their piece of hand luggage in the hold in busy flights. Because Easyjet Plus, FLEXI fare, Upfront and Extra Legroom customers are boarding first, this is very unlikely such a situation would happen to them.

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For full details of the latest Easyjet hand luggage policy, please refer to their website here. You can also view our Airlines hand luggage allowance guide that we keep regularly updated. Please always refer to your airline hand luggage allowance policy before purchasing a new piece of hand luggage to make sure it will be allowed onboard at no extra cost.