Eastpak transfer tranverz suitcase review

The Eastpak transfer tranverz suitcase is one of the best selling hand luggage on Amazon as you can see here. But if you buy it from there please be careful as it is available in different sizes and the default one is quite large and would most likely not be suitable as cabin luggage.

So why is the Eastpak transfer tranverz suitcase such a big hit in the luggage world?

There are many reasons but the main ones are the look, the reputation of Eastpak products and relatively low prices for such strong and reliable products.


The look

As you can see below this Eastpak suitcase looks pretty cool! Here is the black version but the Transfer Tranverz is available in many, MANY, colours and sizes.



Eastpak transfer tranverz suitcase

Eastpak transfer tranverz suitcase


A few examples of some available colours


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Eastpak reputation

Eastpak has a long history which started in 1952. Back then, Eastern Canvas Products, Inc. began making duffels and packs for the U.S. Army. (That might explain why Eastpak pays so much attention to quality.).

In 1976 Mark Goldman joins his father’s company and discovers a new niche market for its military bags: the U.S. college campus! The Padded Pak’r®backpack is an overnight success and the actual Eastpak brand as we know it today was born.

Decades later and Eastpak is still going strong creating and selling really high quality and strong backpack and luggages. Back in 1994, one of Eastpak’s advert became almost even more famous than the backpacks themselves.

Eastpak skeleton advert 1994

Eastpak’s famous skeleton advert – 1994


In 1999, Eastpak released their newest invention, their wheeled luggage. And this was the start of a new adventure and leadership in that area. 

Today people write reviews about their amazing suitcases and backpacks… But there is no real need to write reviews about their backpacks, open your eyes in the streets in your city and look how many people have an Eastpak bag! THEY. ARE. EVERYWHERE!

It’s quite a gage of quality. These day Eastpak continues to reinvent the concept of mobility. For people who live, work, travel and play. (i.e. For people like you.)

On a personal note, I got my first Eastpak as a present for my 15th birthday by my girlfriend at the time. I’m now 34 and I still have that bag! I’ve tortured it during my teens but I still have it. And I also got myself another one as my long term girlfriend wasn’t too happy I used my ex’s gift almost everyday…


Price tag

Sure, Eastpak are not the cheapest backpack and suitcase manufacturers on the market! But they are not the most expensive either! And considering the quality of their products and their longevity the price tags are in fact very reasonable! Prices range from about £30 for discounted small luggage up to about £300 for the biggest suitcases in their range.


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Key features

  • Double deck compartment with zippered closure
  • Compression straps
  • Zippered front pocket
  • Top padded handle grip
  • Side padded handle grip
  • Telescopic handle
  • Garment elastic straps
  • Lockable zippers
  • Smooth wheeling system
  • Stands up straight

More details


Eastpak tranverz back


Eastpak Tranverz closeup front


Eastpak Tranverz Human scale


Eastpak Tranverz inside


Eastpak Tranverz opened

The Eastpak Tranverz is the ultimate piece of luggage. Its double layer bag offers incredible amounts of storage for everything you need whilst travelling. It has a smooth wheel system that makes it easy to negotiate around the busiest of cities. Its large pockets keep all of your essentials close to hand. The Eastpak Tranverz comes in a diverse range of funky shades, patterns and sizes.


Eastpak Tranverz L: 77x40x38 – 121L – 3.8kg
Eastpak Tranverz M: 66×33.5×33 – 78L – 3.2kg
Eastpak Tranverz S: 49×31.5×23 – 42L – 2.4kg – Suitable as cabin luggage for many airlines*
Eastpak Tranverz XS: 45x32x23 – 29L – 2.2kg – Suitable for almost all airlines as cabin luggage*

*Always double-check your airline hand luggage allowance before purchasing



We gathered a few reviews from other people who purchased the Eastpak Transfer Tranverz suitcase, see below:

5 stars: Five stars 
by Ghostie on 22 April 2017
Great case deff worth the money
by Olalla V. on 11 April 2017
Best suitcase I've ever owned, Is super durable and I use it a lot as I don't stop travelling and I always packed all my camera gear that is really heavy on it and it works still like new.
It has two compartments that it make it easier to find everything when I am shooting.
Love this suitcase
5 stars: Five stars 
by M1987 on 4 March 2017
Great bag. Light. Fits in hand luggage. Great buy!

You can check even more customer reviews here.


Pro’s and con’s


  • Long lasting
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Looks good
  • Good price for quality


  • A bit on the heavy side
  • Not the cheapest piece of luggage



It might not be the cheapest piece of luggage available on the market but for this level of quality the Eastpak Tranverz suitcase is totally worth it. It looks great, it is very sturdy, it will last for years and it gets great reviews from hundreds of customers.

Buy the EASTPAK Tranverz here